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”Internationell MBA-utbildning med mycket flexibelt upplägg och som ger dig en akademisk examen – 90 ECTS credits.”

MBA – Master of Business Administration

MBA-utbildningen är till för dig som vill utvecklas som ledare och ge karriären ett lyft. Övervägande del av våra examinerade studenter anser att en MBA-examen gynnar deras personliga utveckling i mycket hög grad. Det ger möjligheter till en snabbare karriär. Genom en fördjupad kunskap inom finansiella-, organisatoriska-, strategiska och affärsmässiga områden får du förutsättningar att fatta klokare och mer effektiva beslut ur ett globalt perspektiv.

Programmet från Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University UK har fått flera utmärkelser och är ett av de största universiteten i världen. Du avgör din studietakt själv och vi ger dig support för att hitta lösningen som passar din livssituation.

MBA utbildning



Profit and loss accounts and balance sheets give insights into the financial strength of competitors but you have to know what you are looking for. Many managers do not even know the financial position of their own organisation. To decide how much to charge for your products you have to know how much they cost, notoriously difficult to determine. Effective decisions require an understanding of financial and management accounting techniques plus their strengths and weaknesses.


In highly competitive markets the success or failure of a product or service may be determined by the marketing decisions you take. This course will help you make the right ones. The course will enable you to analyse and critically evaluate marketing problems and opportunities. It will also help you develop and implement marketing strategies and programmes which take best advantage of your firm’s situation.


Different investment projects generate different cash flows and different levels of risk. The problem is that choices have to be made among competing uses for funds because businesses typically face constraints on the availability of capital. Financial tools make it possible to reduce a bewildering array of cash flows spread over a variety of time periods to more easily comparable net present values. These tools enable the efficiency principles of economics to be applied in a rigorous manner.

Organisational Behaviour

If you work in an organisation, you probably think you know a lot about them. But do you? An organisation continually has to adapt to changes in the competitive environment. Its effectiveness depends on the motivation and behaviour of the workforce. To capitalise on the capabilities of the workforce, it must have appropriate incentives, develop effective teams, design an attractive job environment and manage the dynamics of organisational change. By understanding the principles of organisational behaviour you acquire a deeper knowledge of how you relate to other members of the organisation.

Project Management

Implementing organisational change can be visualised as a project with time, cost and quality trade-offs. Project management tools and techniques are essential in keeping change processes on track. If you don’t realise that organisational processes are actually projects, you may get nasty surprises when things turn out unexpectedly. Rigorous project management techniques will not solve all problems but they do clarify the process of achieving the project’s goals.

Strategic Planning

The major problem facing chief executives is to make sense of a spectrum of information and apply appropriate tools and techniques in driving an organisation through a complex and continually changing competitive environment. The complexity of real life can be structured as a process involving objective setting, analysing competitive positioning, choosing a strategy, implementing it and adapting to feedback over time.


It is often wrongly concluded that economics is irrelevant to running a business. In fact, economic factors affect businesses and decision making at three levels. At the macro level, factors such as the business cycle, interest rates and exchange rates directly affect product demand and cost of production. At the market level, the type of competition determines profitability and business strategy. At the company level, efficiency principles have a direct bearing on business success, principles such as marginal analysis, opportunity cost and profit maximization.

Elective modules

To achieve the MBA, you must successfully complete 7 core courses and 2 electives chosen from a wide range of subjects.

Example of elective courses:

  • Competitive Strategy
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Influence
  • Leadership
  • Making Strategies Work
  • Negotiation
  • Services Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Performance Management
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Employee Relations

* We are replacing Finance and Accounting with Financial Decision Making and Leadership will be a core module. The current course will only be available until July 2021 for purchase and June 2023 for examination.



Nio delkurser, en i kvartalet (halvfart)

Nästa utbildningsstart

Löpande starter. Kontakta oss för tidsplan.


MBA distans (online) 117.000 kr exkl. moms

Pris med seminarier

MBA distans (online) med seminarier 207.000 kr exkl. moms


Tentamensavgift tillkommer med 2.000 kr/tentamen exkl. moms


Flexibelt upplägg anpassat efter dina behov

  • Akademisk examen motsvarande 90 ECTS credits.
  • Distans (online). Du får stor hjälp av utbildningens kurssidor (EBS).
  • Kombination med online-seminarier.
  • Kurslitteratur i bokform och elektroniskt (PDF samt online).
  • Studietakt (hel/deltid) anpassar du efter dina förutsättningar.
  • Bestäm själv när du är redo för tentamen.
  • Inga resor eller grupparbeten.
  • Utbildningen tar normalt 2-3 år vid deltidsstudier, men du avgör din studietakt.
  • Godkänd utbildning för studiestöd via CSN.

Kommentarer från tidigare deltagare:

– Denna utbildning har långt överträffat mina förväntningar.

– Jag har under utbildningens gång applicerat mina nya kunskaper direkt i vardagen.

– MBA-utbildningen har varit väldigt utvecklande och gett mig verktyg att applicera kunskaperna praktiskt i arbetslivet.

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